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An Important COVID‑19 Announcement


Dear Valued Patients:
Please read this is its entirety as it will answer many questions you may have about your dental care during these unusual times. As of March 21, Governor DeSantis has mandated all dental offices close until at least May 8. Emergent dental care is considered an essential service, however, the definition of “EMERGENT” is very narrow. If there is a true dental emergency, we will open on a limited basis to see emergent patients, AFTER a CDC recommended health screening has been completed, AND we have adequate personal protection equipment on hand for our staff and doctor available to minimize the risk of transmission of COVID 19 Virus. In addition, Alachua County has the recommendation for staying in place to help control the spread of the virus.

Presently all elective dental treatment has been mandated to be postponed until May 8. The term elective is up for debate and the risk of transmission with proper health screening and use of personal protection equipment is low, however it is not zero and any incidence of transmission from staff to patient, patient to patient or patient to staff is too high for our standards. In addition, we must also use PPE in a dental setting which takes it away from a Frontline health care worker who may require it. It is in severely limited supply at this time. We have already donated to our local medical providers to assist with the shortage.

For this reason, we are only seeing patients where not completing treatment would likely result in an emergency room visit if their condition was left untreated, AND they have passed an 8 question screening, AND only if we have appropriate PPE available for the protection of our staff and other patients.

We are extremely uncomfortable knowing our patients may be in discomfort, inconvenienced or in pain due to their dental condition. The COVID 19 risk supersedes this at this time. We will try to use medications such as pain killer and antibiotics, remote evaluation by phone, transmission of images via electronic methods prior to seeing you if possible.

Our phones will be open to receive calls and voice messages, however, there will be limited hours in which a team member will physically be at the office. You are also able to email us at office@taylordentistry.com. Please do not message us or ask questions on our FACEBOOK page since we are unable to respond on social media with patient specific questions.

When not in the office, patients of record with a true dental emergency can leave a voicemail by following the prompts on our message system. This will notify Dr. Taylor.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: If I have an appointment scheduled should I call to reschedule it now?

A: No, you will be contacted by someone in our office over the coming days (if considered essential) or later (sometime later) about rescheduling your previously scheduled treatment.

Q: How will rescheduling priority be completed?

A: Patients will be contacted in the order that they were previously scheduled to have their treatment completed

Q: Will there be a medical screening if my treatment is considered essential?

A: Yes, here are those questions.

• Do you have a Fever, Cough, Sore throat or shortness of breath

• Have you experienced any change to your sense of smell or taste at this time.

• Have you had close personal contact (without) PPE with a suspected or confirmed case of COVID‑19

• Have you had a International travel history in the last two weeks?

• Are you in a High risk category due to age >70, or moderate to severe medical conditions which could affect immune system function?

• Do you consent to having your temperature taken upon arrival?

• Have you visited a hospital setting or senior care facility in the last 2 weeks without the use of PPE?

• Have you attended a function with more than 50 ppl in the last two weeks?

Yes to any disqualifies

Q: Do you know when you will be able to return to normal dental treatment?

A: At this time to the best of our understanding we will function on an emergent basis until May 8th, returning gradually to a normal schedule at that time

Q: How can I get in touch with my doctor?

A: Use email to reach Dr. Taylor at: office@taylordentistry.com

Q: If I have severe pain, swelling or other emergent needs can I be seen?

Yes, after a thorough screening of your needs and passing our health questionnaire we will still see patients, however it is our goal to keep you at home and safe if possible

Q: My temporary crown or bridge has come off, can I be seen?

A: Almost certainly, especially if you are in pain. However, our hours are limited and varied for team safety

Q: If my denture is bothering me should I be seen?

A: Unless there is a significant sore forming you should not, try rinsing with warm salt water and leaving the denture out

Q: Can medication be called in for me if needed?

A: Yes it can, it is preferred to manage pain and mild infections in this way at this time. Please contact the office and we will help you from there

Meet the Team

Cathy Taylor, DMD

Dr. Cathy Taylor was born and raised in sunny Sarasota, Florida just a couple of hours south of Gainesville. She graduated from the University of Florida with a degree in Nutritional Science and was a Gator Cheerleader during her undergraduate studies, along with her twin sister, Becky! She continued her education at UF's College of Dentistry. While in dental school, Dr. Taylor was a member of the American Student Dental Association, Dental Ambassadors, Project H.E.A.L., an interdisciplinary trip to Quito, Ecuador to provide dental care, and was president of the Christian Dental Society.

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The passion and joy of their lives are their two daughters, Carlee Jay, 6, and Ellie, 3. They are blessed with family living nearby and spend much of their non-working hours sharing time with grandparents, aunts, 
uncles, and cousins.

Dr. Cathy Taylor and her family

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